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    Infrared Camera Energy Audit



Attic Insulation for Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose, CA & the Greater Bay Area

An energy audit can help our team understand what is going on with your crawl space and insulation. When performing our energy audit, we can determine how your home is functioning as a whole. The analysis is focused on energy efficiency, comfort problems, indoor air quality, health and safety issues, and durability.

Infrared Camera Technology 

Our thermal camera inspection is the best way to see into your crawl space and determine what work needs to be done. Our camera allows us to take infrared readings of your thermal envelope. This helps us to examine how well your thermal envelope is functioning and shows us improperly installed or missing insulation, air leaks, thermal bypasses, and even moisture issues that may be present. 

We will also perform a visual inspection of the thermal envelope to get a good view of exactly what’s going on in these critical areas. The thermal images we obtained from the infrared camera give a good idea of where the bad areas are, but we also check your exhaust ventilation ducting, heating and air conditioning duct work, insulation levels and quality, insulation installation, and anything else we can see that needs attention.

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